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DreamLights offers various high-quality fluorescent and LED lighting systems that outperform the leading brands, at a fraction of their cost.

DreamLights are designed and manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, especially for lighting professionals who demand the utmost quality and quantity output with all the control necessary to get most out of their lights of choice.


To establish The DreamLights Brand and grow market share aggressively in South Africa and the rest of Africa. To be the manufacturer of choice in South Africa and the rest of Africa; supplying Quality Goods and Services at the right price. To manufacture the best value for money Goods & Services, that meet the industry needs. To maintain our cornerstone of Innovation through consistent


It is every human being’s aspiration to put their best foot forward and be seen in good light. The Media and Entertainment Industry appeals to all our desire to be perceived as attractive, capable and better than the next. Media platforms allow some of such dreams to come true, there are however delicate components to such manifestations, at the top of the list is lighting!


As we approached “the light at the end of the tunnel...”, we realized that the source itself was changing. We found ourselves in the most interesting time in the life of light... A once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the very first time in more than twenty years that a true gamechanging disruptive technology was literally replacing what was and always had been.