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First things First

by Takatso Madini


To establish The DreamLights Brand and grow market share aggressively in South Africa and the rest of Africa. To be the manufacturer of choice in South Africa and the rest of Africa; supplying Quality Goods and Services at the right price. To manufacture the best value for money Goods & Services, that meet the industry needs. To maintain our cornerstone of Innovation through consistent cutting edge R&D.


To become the Lighting Manufacturer of choice, to the media & entertainment industry at large: Supplying Quality good & services. Meeting the industry need efficiently & effectively. Attracting & retaining passionate, skilled & self-driven team players, who love what they do. Gaining industry confidence and majority market share. Maintaining high profitability and growth in a sustainable and
responsible manner, within regulatory & legal requirements.

Keys to Success

The keys to successfully achieving our mission are:

  • Quality Goods & Services at the right price.
  • Relentless Innovation & cutting edge R&D.
  • Effective Branding & Marketing.
  • Stock Availability.
  • Solid Distribution Channels.
  • Education & Skills Transfer

Seeing The Light

by Takatso Madini

It is every human being’s aspiration to put their best foot forward and be seen in good light. The Media and Entertainment Industry appeals to all our desire to be perceived as attractive, capable and better than the next. Media platforms allow some of such dreams to come true, there are however delicate components to such manifestations, at the top of the list is lighting! Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, everything starts with: …”Lights, Camera, Action!” Without the Lights the rest fades to black. Literally.

On any production lighting is, the biggest line item. The reason is clearly evident as soon as one steps onto a set:

  • Lighting has the Biggest Inventory List.
  • Lighting has the Most Personnel.
  • Lighting takes the Most Setup & Breakdown Time per scene.
  • Lighting determines the choice of camera and lenses used to capture all the content used in the Media & Entertainment Industry

All the Lighting used in South Africa and the rest of Africa is imported from America, Europe & Asia. None are manufactured on the Continent at all. This has resulted in the Lucrative Challenges/ Opportunities. After careful consideration of the above, we came to the conclusion that there is no way that the cost to make these lights could ever be anywhere near the price that they are sold at. There is clearly handsome profit margins fuelled by the growing demand. So we saw “the light at the end of the tunnel…”, literally and otherwise, and went for it.

Understanding The Light

by Takatso Madini

As we approached “the light at the end of the tunnel…”, we realized that the source itself was changing. We found ourselves in the most interesting time in the life of light… A once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the very first time in more than twenty years that a true gamechanging disruptive technology was literally replacing what was and always had been.

Before this, manufactures could rightfully claim decades of experience, etc, in the old technology. They literally had successfully created a brand awareness and brand consciousness second to none. It an invisible barrier of entry that we found ourselves being fighting a losing battle with initially.

We were on the cusp of the revolutionary LED wave that was taking the industry and indeed the world by storm.